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Tutoring Services
How Does Work?

Virtual Classroom With Live Audio
As a student you will get a unique username and password to log in to your account, to use the live Virtual Classroom and access past classes. You and your tutor can have live 2-way voice conversations and you'll be able draw, type, chat and work on any problem simultaneously

You and your tutor can use many effective tools on the virtual whiteboard to make the most of your learning experience. Tools such as graph paper, symbols, and geometric shapes for Math and Science make learning easier and more interesting.

Document Sharing and Simultaneous Internet Browsing
You can upload and share any homework or other document with your tutor so that he or she can see exactly what you are working on and need help with. You can also share the browsing experience so that your tutor can show you some useful websites to help you with research papers or other tasks or projects.

Recording of Sessions
You can record and store all your past sessions with your tutor within your account. Should you ever have the need to review or study specific material that you've learned with your tutor you can view it over and over as many times as you like.

Virtual Classroom Tools Document Sharing Recording Sessions