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Frequently Asked Questions 

How does work?
Log on to the internet and connect with your tutor anytime, from anywhere!
If you're fed up of driving or being driven to the tutoring center at a specific time each week spending large sums of money on average tutoring sessions, we offer an alternative. With a high speed internet connection and a headset you can log on from any computer at anytime of the day 24x7 (with the exception of Saturdays 10:30pm - Sundays 11:30am EST due to system maintenance) and get the tutoring you need at a price you can afford. We offer Math, Science, Exam Prep, Homework Help and many other subjects. Just let us know what you need help in and we'll match you up with the right tutor. Once you sign in you can join your scheduled tutoring session by connecting with your tutor to work one-to-one on your computer screen. You will then interact on a two-way whiteboard where you can type, write with your mouse or digital pad & pen and talk live with your tutor.
What subjects and grade levels does tutor?
Do you have a nightly homework assignment that needs to be handed in ‘yesterday’?
We offer Math, Science, Exam Prep, Essay Writing, Homework and many other subjects from Grade 4 through College/University.
What if I have homework that my tutor needs to see?
Scan or upload it and send it to us.
You can either upload it to your account or send it directly to your tutor prior to your lesson. In either case you will save time if you get it to us before you sign in for your lesson. Make sure you put your name on every page as well as your username.

Why can offer more affordable tutoring without compromising on quality?
Main reason: lower overhead costs.
When you drive to the tutoring centre you need to pay the tutors (who are employees), the owner's rent, educational material, utility costs, the owner's profit…etc (the list goes on). Not to mention gas and mileage to get there! At we eliminate most of those costs since the tutor usually works from home and the material is virtual.

When is available?

When you need help we'll be there.
Both tutoring and customer service is open 24/7 (with the exception of Saturdays 10:30pm - Sundays 11:30am EST due to system maintenance).
Can I review my previous tutoring sessions?
Yes. You will also be able to view the session(s) as often as you want.
When you sign in to your account you will have access to previous tutoring sessions (both audio and video) so that you can review parts that you may still have trouble with. This is a free service that is included in all Tutoring packages and is available on demand 24/7 as long as you remain a client.
What if my tutor cannot help me?
We will find a tutor that is right for you.
If you feel like the tutor you have chosen or was assigned to you is not able to help you or would just like to try a different tutor, we will do all that we can to make it right.

How long is the Free Trial? What happens after the Free Trial?
15-Minute Free Trial. Make a Decision to Subscribe or Not.
When you opt for a free trial you get 15 minutes of free tutoring by scheduling an appointment in any math course (Grades 4-12) you are want help with. Once you have taken you free trial you can make a decision to purchase a tutoring package or maybe decide that this type of tutoring is not for you. There is no obligation to buy and we do not need your credit card info at this stage.

How do I Get a Tutor
Sign In or Sign Up!
Each student will have a unique username and password which they will use to sign in each time to connect to their tutor. If you have not signed up you will need to do so and create your account by clicking on Sign Up or Get a Tutor Now. You will be asked to create a username and password and make your online payment via credit card or Paypal. Once you have done this you will have access to your account, online classroom and tutor(s).

How do the tutors at differ from the others I’ve worked with?
They help you in two ways: with academic subjects you're struggling with as well as with effective cognitive learning strategies.
Our tutors have been trained to use cognitive learning techniques when tutoring students. What this means is that if you are struggling with math, for example, then you will get math tutoring as well as effective learning skills on how to concentrate, understand and to remember what you've learned.

What is the difference between (Instant) Anytime Tutoring and Scheduled Tutoring?
With the purchase of Scheduled Tutoring, students follow a convenient tutoring schedule and get the same tutor each time. With Anytime Tutoring ™ you can sign in at anytime 24/7 and get a tutor that happens to be available at that time (COMING SOON). The disadvantage with Anytime Tutoring is that you may not get the tutor you need for the subject you’re having trouble with at the time you sign in.

Is your online tutoring safe for my kids?
All our tutors have been carefully screened and trained adhering to our rigorous standards and methodologies. Police checks are conducted. All sessions are recorded so that parents may replay the tutorials upon demand free of charge 24/7.