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Tutoring Services

How Our Online Tutoring Works

For a clearer picture of how our tutoring works click on the View Demo button at the top of this page. Should you have any further questions or concerns you may connect online with our 24x7 Live Chat Operators or by emailing us at
Step 1 Click on Sign Up Now & Register
  Create your account and jot down your Username(email) and Password. Then click on 'Submit'

Step 2

Receive Verification Email To Confirm Registration
  Once you have signed up and submitted your info, you will receive a confirmation email. Within your email you will click on 'Click Here To Verify Your Email Address'.
This will send you back to the Log In page on the website. 

Step 3

Log In & Purchase Package(s)
  After logging in to your account you will click on 'Purchase Packages' and will be directed to a course-selection page where you can choose the course package(s) that you need tutoring in. Once you have made a payment a receipt will be sent to you via email.
Step 4 Go To "My Account' & Schedule a Live Tutoring Session
  Once you go back to your account "My Account", you will see your course package there. To schedule a live tutoring session just click on 'Schedule' and you will be directed to a page of availalble tutors that can help you in the course(s) you registered for. At this point you will select the tutor and time for your session. You are now booked for a tutoring session!

Step 5

Go to Your Tutoring Session at the Scheduled Time and Begin!
  Log in to to you tutoring session and get tutored. You may send homework pages or anything you wish to have reviewed by your tutor before your scheduled session. Each session is recorded so you may review the live recording as often as you want for free without using any scheduled tutoring hours.