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Online Science Tutoring
Live, 1 on 1...from the Comfort of Your Home! 

Are you falling asleep in Science class? Frustrated with the teacher maybe?
Not getting the chemistry help or physics tutoring you need?
Whether you are struggling with biology, chemistry or quantum physics, we have the right science tutor for you. When you show us a specific problem you are having trouble with, our tutors will do more than just help you solve it on your own. We will help you gain a thorough understanding of the underlying topic.
Research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education tells us that a highly effective science program must have the following characteristics in order for students to learn with greater success. The program should:
  1. be organized to help students make connections between ideas and the real world;
  2. contain a limited amount of topics in order to allow students the time needed to investigate questions, sort through ideas, and construct explanations;
  3. include opportunities to think about the nature of science;
  4. be implemented in such a way that the teacher/tutor provides ongoing support;
Our biology, chemistry and physics tutors are trained to do just that. They help students understand the 'minute' details as well as the 'big picture' while making the tutoring experience fun and interesting. Our science tutors have been trained according to our rigorous standards of online tutoring and all have a degree in a science discipline. Inquire today about our Simply Science tutoring packages or our Beat Biology, Chemistry and Physics packages.