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My son had been going to a learning center for nearly 1 year. I must admit that the help he was getting was beginning to work. When a friend told me that a new online tutoring website by the name of did not just tutor subjects but also taught kids learning skills at less than half the cost of the learning center I thought I'd give them a try. It has now been about 4 weeks and am sold with this service. Better yet, we don't have to drive anywhere after school!
Maureen T. (son Trevor in Grade 6) - Boston MA
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I had math homework that I did not understand. I asked two other online tutoring services if they could help but was told that they did not have any tutors to help me with the degree of difficulty I presented them. My tutor, Sid, at not only took on my problems but he was able to help me understand my homework within 2 hours of tutoring. Thanks again! 
Javier B. (Grade 12) - Mississauga ON Canada    

Marc had no interest in learning math. He was getting help from a tutor at home but even then showed no motivation. We thought we would try something different since nothing else seemed to be working. Once he got online at there was no turning back. He now understands word problems and actually enjoys the tutoring session and working on the computer.
Elizabeth A. (son Marc in Grade 4) - Highland Park IL  

I think that learning math this way is much easier than with the tutors I've had who would come to my house. It's actually fun.
Alyssa M. (Grade 7) - St-Laurent QC Canada