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About Us

We’re a caring group of educational experts who know that it takes more than simple tutoring to really help a student achieve his or her full potential at school. With our combined efforts and knowledge at we take great pride in offering quality and convenient online tutoring 24x7 at affordable prices. We've been helping students in The US, Canada, the UK and beyond for over 10 years both online and in smaller class room settings to achieve better grades and increased motivation through our proprietary teaching methods.

Choosing the right tutor can be quite a chore in itself. Research and our experience shows that there are 3 key points that you should look for before deciding on an online tutoring or learning program:
1. Go with a LIVE and INTERACTIVE TUTOR and not just some software or website that has hundreds of solved questions;
2. Ensure that EACH of your tutoring sessions can be FULLY RECORDED so that you may review them for study and supervisory purposes (for parents);
3. Confirm that tutors implement LEARNING and STUDY SKILLS that can actually be transferred to the student's classroom. 

Our tutors and approach

All our tutors are certified and have been carefully screened and trained rigorously to tutor students using our proprietary teaching approach based on cognitive learning research. This teaching approach works in two ways: the student will learn (i) the academic subject he/she is struggling with (ex. Math) as well as (ii) powerful learning skills to help him/her concentrate, understand and remember lessons more effectively.
COMPAREOn-Site Learning CenterRegular
At-Home Convenience
No driving-get a tutor anywhere you have a PC
No Sometimes Yes
24 x 7 Availability
Get tutoring anytime with an appointment
No No Yes
One-on-One Help From Certified Tutor
Get the help you need on any subject
No Sometimes Yes
Choose Your Tutor
Select the tutor that works best for you
No Sometimes Yes
Review or Replay Any Session At Anytime
Go over any past tutoring sessions anytime, anywhere
No No Yes
Teach Academic Subjects
Math, Science, Exam Prep, Homework, etc…
Yes Yes Yes
Teach Learning & Study Skills
How to Concentrate, Understand and Remember
No No Yes
Affordable Pricing
Quality tutoring at the best price
$40-50/hr $20-40/hr $15-25/hr